Division of Computer Aided Design


Division of Computer Aided Design (DCAD) of Institute of Structural Engineering (ISE) is research and teaching unit formed by Rector of Poznan University of Technology in 2001.

Division teaches students at each types of studies (bachelor, master and doctoral programme). We have access to commonly used applications for computer aided design in structural engineering and also for area of building physics and thermomechanics issues. As a part of teaching activity division staff conduct courses connected with widely understood computer aided design such as:
- in polish: Technical Drawing, Information Technology, Computer Methods, Computer Methods II, Computer Graphics II, Visual Communication, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Methods, Computer Applications of Mechanics, Optimization in Engineering Practice,
- in English: Computational Mechanics, Numerical Analysis.
All with focusing on the analysis of the structures.

Area of scientific division interests focus on computational mechanics of materials with particular field such as:
- mechanics of damage and fracture,
- inverse problems,
- biomechanics of bones and soft tissue,
- nonlinear dynamic analysis,
- safety of structures under explosions.